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To whom it may concern,


We have been dealing with ElectroTech for the past two years. As we have had indifferent and partly unprofessional experiences with local Electrical Contractors we were happy to find this company with their enthusiastic and efficient owner - Eben van der Riel.


Our dealing with ElectroTech was for the general upkeep of our house - partly Home Automation, caring and servicing the Inverter and Batteries. We also have a complex system for 3 phase electricity for our Ceramic Kiln and various water feature and swimming pool pumps.


When we decided to extend our house ElectroTech was our contractor of choice. The electricians on site were knowledgeable and precise. All work was carried out to our full satisfaction. Apart from general electrical work Eben is very interested in all aspects of electricity and goes beyond the general scope of electrical contracting. He keeps up to date with all new developments of especially energy saving LED and all further devices.


Our general spend with ElectroTech has been in the region of approximately R 90 000 in the past 12 months.

You are welcome to contact me by email of telephone for a further reference.


Yours sincerely

Jeanne Wellner




Just want to thank you for the good service you provide while I was the owner of Hermanus Dry Cleaners. You could teach a few people a thing or two about service delivery in this town. All the best and I hope your business goes from strength to strength. Hope to catch up with you in the future.


Andrew Vlok​

Former owner of Hermanus Dry Cleaners




Aan wie dit mag gaan,


Ons werk nou al 1 jaar saam met electrotech en ek wil met die brief n kompliment uitreik vir die goeie diens wat hulle as n maatskappy lewer.


Goeie eienskappe van Electrotech:


-Reaksie tyd vir die indiening van kwotasies vinniger as ander kontrakteuers

-Altyd vinnig om te reageer in die geval van dringende elektriese problem

-Netheid en vakmanskap hoogs aanvaarbaar

-Electrotech het as n besigheid n goeie persoonlikheid

-Electrotech neem goed kennis van alle instruksies op terrein vergaderings en dit is nie nodig om twee keer iets te vra nie

-Electrotech gee n gevoel van ambusie af teenoor hulle werk


Ek kan aan enige iemand voorskryf om hulle te gebruik as elektriese kontrakteuers.




Zandre F Raath,


KAD Konstruksie




To Whom It May Concern:


Re: Electrotech – Eben van der Riel


We have worked with Electrotech over the past 3 years, during which time they have completed the electrical installations on 5 houses.  The value for the electrical work on each house has been in the region of R70 000.00.  This would represent monthly draws of about R14 000.00 per month. 


Electrotech headed up by Eben van der Riel have proved to be competent, reliable and a pleasure to work with.  Eben’s personal oversight of the work has proved to be invaluable and his attention to detail most appreciated.


I have no hesitation in recommending them to you and should you require any further information I would be delighted to answer any questions.


Yours faithfully,

Grant McLuckie







re: Whale Coast Electrical t/a Electrotech


This serves to attest to Eben van der Riel and his team’s excellent service. Electrotech has been my electrical subcontractor for all my electrical contract work the last 4 years. He is honest, reliable, and punctual. His work is of a high standard and he is always contactable if and when I needed to give instructions or ask for advice.


I confirm that Electrotech’s average monthly expenditure with us amounts to R15000.00.


Should you wish to have any further reference in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely

Tinus Lubbe

SMC Development & Construction





To Whom It May Concern


Trade Reference


We look back of 4 years of excellent service by Electrotech (Whale Coast

Electrical), Mr. Eben van der Riel and his efficient team and will continue, for as

long as they are willing to continue providing to us this outstanding workmanship,

using their expertise and work at our properties in Hermanus.


We especially appreciate Electrotech’s


• Absolut strive for perfect and neat installation according to the law

• Planning and fault finding skills (Mr. van der Riel solved a few very complicated electrical faults, we inherited from our builder’s work)

• Friendly and competent staff

• The easy and competent help in emergency situations – also with no restraints at after hours!


We have to stress, that our installations are complicated and highly technical and

were all top up-graded – most of it fully new installed to Electrotech’s

specification - to perfection by Mr. van der Riel and his team due to the fact that the

original installer was not able to provide the needed expertise to make them fully

functional to our needs.


We have exclusively used since 4 years Electrotech for all our electrical needs (2

and 3 phase / back up generator 80kvA) and can say without any hesitation that

Electrotech saved us many hassles and expenses during these times due to perfect

installation and maintenance.


We can only recommend their work and service!


MedTech Consulting and Training 101 (Pty) Ltd

Diego S. Cunatti

Managing Director

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